Vehicle Shipping Services

Carry Cars With Care is one of the country’s most experienced vehicle transport management firms, and we will handle your cargo with care. At Carry Cars with Care, we offer top-tier Vehicle Shipping Services across the United States. Whether you’re relocating, buying/selling a vehicle, or need reliable transportation for your car, truck, motorcycle, or specialty vehicle, our comprehensive solutions ensure safe and efficient transportation from coast to coast.

Moving is as simple as placing a phone call with us or following our easy online quote process. We prioritize our clients, whether searching for door-to-door service, relocating to the opposite side of the nation, or crossing state boundaries. 

We recognize that your automobile is one of your most valuable belongings, and with cutting-edge auto shipping technology and specialized customer care, you can anticipate your car to be transported to its destination like royalty! It is what distinguishes us as a top-rated automobile transportation business!

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Price Guarantee

The price you pay for your vehicle transfer is the amount we show you using our calculator. Ship an automobile at a reasonable cost via a reputable auto shipping provider.

Full Insurance Protection

Our fees include extensive insurance coverage. You may be sure your vehicle is securely protected throughout your car transfer service. There are no extra or hidden costs. At Carry Cars With Care our automobile shipment costs include everything.

Damage-Free or We Pay

We may assist in paying for any damage to a vehicle that occurs during the automobile shipping procedure if the auto transport carriers’ insurance does not cover the damage. To make your automobile shipping experience as pleasant as possible, we will pay up to $500 of the deductible.

Completely Customized Service

Because everyone’s demands are unique, we provide totally customized vehicle transport services. Our specialized shipping advisers collaborate with you to develop a vehicle transportation solution that suits your requirements and budget.

Vehicle Rental

We provide a free rental vehicle for every cargo more than 14 days late. In this manner, you may send an automobile with confidence, knowing that you will be taken care of even if there are delays throughout the car shipment procedure.

Personally Managed Service

Our expert auto-shipping consultants are available to walk you through the procedure from the minute you request your vehicle shipping price online. At Carry Cars With Care our specialized sales staff is available to guarantee you get the assistance you need. Our delivery, support, and claims teams guarantee that your cargo is handled swiftly.

Car Washing

When you ship an automobile with us, you will get a FREE car wash, including the inside. Simply have your vehicle cleaned, photograph the receipt, and send it to your auto shipping representative, and we will mail your cheque within 5 days.

All House Moving

Partner with us for a seamless moving experience! Our expertise extends beyond just moving your car, and we can handle the entire house relocation process. Trust us to make your move stress-free and efficient.

24/7 Available Service

Our skilled auto transport advisers work 365 days a year, around the clock, to guarantee that our automobile shipping service goes well. We take pleasure in being available when you need us, and we monitor your cargo 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Car Transport Services at Various Levels

Our automobile transportation services are intended for individuals from all walks of life. We provide automobile shipping services to assist you with your car travel requirements, whether you need your vehicle picked up in a day or a month.

Service Standard

Our typical automobile shipping services are meant to pick up a vehicle within 1-5 business days. This level of service has been successful about 90% of the time and is suggested for customers who are quick to ship an automobile. Our ordinary automobile shipping service has the most affordable pricing.

Shipping Priority

Priority auto shipping costs $200 more than ordinary car shipment, but it is aimed to pick up cars within 1-2 weekdays. This level of service has been effective around 90% of the time. People with short pickup times can consider using priority vehicle transport services.

Shipping In A Hurry

Expedited auto shipping services are intended to pick up cars within 24 hours. Even though it costs $500 more than our basic level of service, it has worked roughly 90% of the time and is highly recommended for customers who need cars picked up immediately. Only works during business hours.

Step 1: Request A Quote And Place Your Order

Contact us for an immediate online quotation in seconds, finger-snapping fast or phone or chat with one of our consultants. Then compare our rates and services we know you want! We’re certain you’ll find our prices quite competitive.

When you’re ready to hire us, just click the link in your email or estimate page, start a conversation, or phone 1-646-492-9952 to arrange your car pickup.

We will contact you immediately while arranging for one of our 40,000+ verified and insured professional drivers to transfer your car.

Did we mention you won’t have to pay anything until your pickup date is set? If you have any concerns regarding financing or want to learn more about our safe payment alternatives, please start a chat window and ask away.

Step 2: We Collect Your Vehicle

Schedule a pickup day, time, and convenient location with your trucker. You can even unlock your vehicle while at work.

When your truck comes, you will check your car and sign a bill of lading. Then say your goodbyes, pack your belongings, and leave the rest to us.

We’ll take excellent care of your vehicle, and you can check in as frequently as you like via our online chat or by phoning your trucker directly to see where it is on its route.

Step 3: Obtain Your Vehicle

Reuniting you and your car is a wonderful time for us at Carry Cars With Care!

When your car is close to home, your trucker will phone you so you may meet them both in your driveway or a nearby agreed-upon area.

After a thorough check to ensure everything looks okay, which we are certain it will, you will simply sign the bill to accept your delivery.

Pricing Elements

The cost of shipping an automobile is determined by several variables, which might vary depending on the time of year or the state of the car shipping market. 

Other elements that impact auto transport prices include vehicle size and type, open auto transport versus enclosed car shipping services, and car transport distance. For further information about automobile shipment, please contact us.

Vehicle Size and Type

The size and kind of your car impact the cost of auto shipping. Larger vehicles, including trucks and vans, are heavier than conventional automobiles. Hence car transport services may be more expensive. We have a lot of expertise with bigger vehicle auto shipping, so call a car transport professional to learn more.

Enclosed And Open Service

Because it is more widely accessible throughout our fleet, transporting your automobile on an open car shipping carrier is less expensive. Most people prefer open auto shipping since moving automobiles is the most cost-effective option. 

Enclosed auto transport carriers are more costly, but they are an excellent option for delivering a more expensive or larger automobile throughout the car shipping procedure.

Transportation Distance

The greater the automobile’s distance, the more costly car shipping services will be. Cross-country vehicle shipment is the most costly, particularly when using an enclosed auto shipping carrier. Consider getting delivery in a neighboring major city to save money on distance.

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