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There are many reasons why hiring a professional to transport your automobile will be a smart choice. Even if you are still determining the advantages, the time of year, the number of cars to be moved, and the distance to be traveled may all influence your decision to send a vehicle or drive yourself. Open transport service is the top choice if you want the fastest method and cheapest rates for car shipping.

Carry Cars With Care has extensive expertise and delivers cars to customers all around the United States regularly. You will be certain that your car will be in excellent condition when it arrives with us. 

We also provide real-time tracking so you can monitor where your automobile is on its journey, which may provide peace of mind that driving your automobile cannot. You can easily keep track of your automobile even if you have to phone a dispatch center to find out where the vehicle is.

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The most prevalent type of automobile transportation service is open auto transport. Enclosed automobile transportation is more difficult to manage than open transport car shipping. Because open trailer car carriers can transport an average of 8-10 automobiles at once, open car transport is also less expensive than enclosed car transport.

Quick Service

The quickest method to send your automobile is through open car shipping. Over 90% of truckers use an open-road auto shipping trailer, giving you additional alternatives for picking up your automobile.

Cheapest Choice

When shipping an automobile, most customers just seek the best overall choice. Some individuals, mainly historic automobile owners, prefer covered shipping. However, if you want the most money, open car transport is the way to go.

Available Toploading

You may add top load preference to open vehicle transfer for a small fee. This implies that no vehicle would be loaded above yours throughout the open automobile transportation procedure.

Most Auto Dealerships Choice

When moving automobiles from one place to another, dealerships always employ open auto transport. We work with some of the country’s major dealers and often carry brand-new automobiles for them via open auto transport.

Rates for open car transport vary and are heavily influenced by factors such as:

  • The entire distance between the origin and destination.
  • Diesel fuel prices on a countrywide scale.
  • The car specifications (size, make, weight, etc.).
  • The state of your vehicle.
  • Route alternatives.
  • The transit date.
  • Optional extras (i.e., top-load service, etc.)

It should also be highlighted that booking and reserving your purchase ahead of time allows us to assess route accessibility and truck capacity and get the best auto-shipping pricing.

You may receive a free price in seconds using our vehicle shipping rates calculator. Simply provide the essential information to obtain an automated quotation. You may also contact our customer service representative through email, Facebook, Instagram, or phone at 1-646-492-9952.

How Long Does Open Auto Transport Take to Ship a Car?

Several variables determine the travel time of an open vehicle carrier. To begin, they make multiple stops along the road to pick up automobiles. The speed of transportation is also affected by the weather. However, open motor carriers often go 500 miles every day. This implies it will take them around four days to carry your vehicle and undertake a 2,000-mile journey.

The following three processes are included in the open auto shipment, which is arguably the most cost-effective approach to sending your vehicle:

Pick up

Your vehicle is picked up by a car towing a trailer. Our appointed auto transport driver inspects your vehicle and looks for any damage upon pickup (i.e., dings, dents, etc.). The Bill of Lading (aka Vehicle Inspection Report) is then filled out correctly.

Put Into The Carrier Trailer

Your vehicle is put into the carrier trailer – Your vehicle is driven onto the open car carrier trailer by the driver. If it is unusable, they will use special equipment to load it in another method. 

The automobile is then lashed and secured to the trailer frame using either chain connected around the wheelbase or strong leather straps to ensure that it stays stable and does not bounce about if the road becomes rough at any point along the chosen route. Meanwhile, we will supply you with the driver’s contact information so you can communicate with them directly. 

The car transportation logistics coordinator assigned to your transfer will be your primary point of contact in the event of an emergency. You may be certain that they will devote their undivided attention to resolving your problems and/or answering your inquiries.

Shipping Complete

You pick up your car, and the driver delivers it to the agreed-upon place. Another car check is performed, and you sign the Bill of Lading if everything is in order. Suppose there are any damages to the vehicle that happened during shipping. In that case, you may record and document them and then submit a claim against the car hauler’s insurance coverage to be reimbursed.

Reliable Carrier Network

All of our carriers have been picked for their commitment to providing high-quality service standards. This helps us to swiftly discover the greatest quality carriers to send an automobile.

Least Shipping Time

Carry Cars With Care can pick up your car from any area and deliver it to any location in the United States. Before vehicle pickup, direct destination routes are chosen, determining the safest and most convenient highways to take while limiting obstructing elements such as construction or bad weather. Our priority is the safety of your vehicle, and our professional drivers will get your commercial truck freight to your door in no time.

Most Affordable Pricing

We constantly provide the most competitive automobile shipping rates. Our clever online calculator considers all elements to provide you with the most accurate and fair open automobile shipping cost imaginable.

No Upfront Cost

As previously stated, most vehicle transport firms (at least the ones you wish to book with) charge you after the carrier has been sent for your order. This implies you may arrange open vehicle transport now and worry about the cost afterward.

Friendly Customer Service

Our customer service agents are always kind and helpful. They will ensure that you have a wonderful experience from beginning to end.

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