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Carry Cars With Care provides both enclosed and open transport options. However, enclosed transport is normally required only when shipping a high-value vehicle or a vehicle with limited ground clearance. Because it is not exposed to the weather or criminals during shipment, an enclosed carrier may keep your vehicle safer than an open carrier.

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Enclosed Transport Service | Carry Cars With Care

One of the ways utilized to carry autos across the nation is enclosed auto transport. Enclosed auto carriers employ a covered, confined transport trailer to carry automobiles safely and securely. In contrast, open auto transport involves autos being transported onto an open trailer to the elements. Vehicles in enclosed trailers are not exposed to the weather.

Most open trailers can transport 10 automobiles at once. Enclosed car shipment trucks, on the other hand, transport two to six autos at a time, generally on just one deck. Open trailers can transport 10 automobiles on two racks piled on the other.

Enclosed transport services secure and separate your car from the weather, pests, other vehicles, random events, and damage during loading and unloading. Enclosed transportation is ideal for antique, exotic, or luxury automobiles. Any vehicle may be delivered in one. While it is more costly than the regular open option, it provides better protection for your car. We strongly advise you to speak with one of our experts about open versus enclosed vehicle transportation services.

Luxury Car

Suppose your automobile was constructed before 1970 and can go from zero to sixty miles per hour in less than three seconds. In that case, you’d need enclosed car transportation. The enclosed auto shipment is intended to maintain custom cars in excellent condition. An enclosed trailer protects the automobile from the weather and other vehicles. Your vehicle shares space with only a few others within enclosed walls on all sides, rather than being in an open area with ten other vehicles. Enclosed trailers guarantee that your vehicle arrives at your new house, or a car show unscathed.

Peace-of-mind Protection

We understand that you want your automobile to be as clean as it was when you left it. You can avoid exposure to the elements or harsh weather with covered vehicle shipments. Your covered automobile shipment fee will be somewhat more.

Safe From Rain, Weather And Road Hazards

Enclosed vehicle transporters safeguard your prized possession from the weather. The majority of clients don’t mind a little rain or snow. However, when dealing with exotic or luxury automobile transport, covered vehicle shipment may be required to protect your vehicle from outside dirt.

Low-Ground Clearance Ship Automobiles

Hydraulic lift gates are only available with enclosed auto transport and are required when loading and unloading a vehicle with limited ground clearance. When you book, tell our enclosed auto transport quotation professionals, and they will make sure your enclosed automobile shipping includes this function.

Ship Many Vehicles

Carry Cars With Care is ready to assist with your luxury vehicle shipping requirements, whether you need an enclosed car carrier for a single automobile or many cars. Most enclosed vehicle transport firms claim to offer you the best bargain, but we are recognized for giving the greatest service in the industry, with thousands of certified enclosed car transporters in our network.

Enclosed car shipping is usually nearly more costly than open transport trailers. Open automobile transport trucks can often carry up to 10 cars at a time. This enables the driver to spread the expense of the whole consignment among 10 distinct vehicles, rather than two to six, as with an enclosed truck.

This often results in a covered truck costing 50-100% more than an open transporter on the same route. A package that costs $1000 for an open transporter would often cost $1500-$2000 for the same trip in an enclosed vehicle.

These differences may seem to be large, but running an auto transport truck is not inexpensive. Most automobile transporters make little profit. Enclosed trucks would almost surely be losing money if they offered even lower rates to compete with other shippers on the road.

Using an enclosed vehicle transporter will undoubtedly incur additional expenditures. Two reasons for this are the additional care the vehicle gets and the time it takes to prepare to send your automobile. Enclosed auto shipping is your best option if you need to export an exotic, expensive, or antique car.

Enclosed Transport Service | Carry Cars With Care

There are two main wait periods involved in transporting a vehicle: the time it takes to locate a carrier and arrange for pick up and the time it takes to get from one location to another.

Because there aren’t as many covered vehicles on the road, enclosed transport services might take a little longer to schedule than open transport. There are many. However, having your car booked and picked up may take a little longer.

There shouldn’t be any noticeable difference in travel time compared to what you’d experience in a standard open-air vehicle. Because of federal regulations governing how long and how far drivers can go without resting, shipping companies must adhere to set transit time estimates for all routes they service, regardless of whether or not the trucks and trailers they use have undergone any changes.

Dependable Carrier Network

We make exotic car transfers not only simple but also safe. Our staff manually assesses each enclosed vehicle transporter firm in our network to guarantee you receive a reputable service.

Excellent Pick Up Team

Due to the increased worth of their goods, antique automobile carriers have higher insurance coverage limitations. Our compliance team examines all of our carriers’ insurance coverage. We suggest enclosed car shipping if your vehicle is worth $50,000.

Contact the Driver Directly

You may communicate with your enclosed carrier to find out the status of your vehicle during your whole auto-shipping journey with us.

Experienced Classic Car Transporters

Enclosed vehicle shipment necessitates that the carriers be knowledgeable about vintage, luxury, and valuable collector automobiles. We select the finest carriers and drivers to ensure our clients get great service.

Cover Auto Transport Compliance Criteria

We have a compliance section that thoroughly vets all exotic vehicle transport carriers in our network to guarantee that we only deal with the most skilled enclosed car transporters.

Cheapest Price

We can provide the most affordable pricing on the market because of our extensive carrier network. We will not only take care of your vehicle, but we will also bring it to its destination as cheaply as feasible.

Concierge Service

On our end, we will provide you with a personal concierge to answer any inquiries, assist you in checking on your vehicle, and handle any issues that occur throughout the shipment process.

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