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Cross-country vehicle shipping is a service that moves autos from one state to another or from one city to another. Auto transport trucks travel 500-700 miles daily, and delivery takes 1-9 business days following booking. Certain pickup and/or drop-off locations may take longer. At Carry Cars With Care, we specialize in providing comprehensive Cross-Country Service across the United States. Whether you’re moving homes, relocating your business, or need items transported across the nation, our reliable and efficient solutions ensure a seamless experience from coast to coast.

Moving is as simple as making a phone call or completing our simple online estimate procedure with Carry Cars With Care. We prioritize our clients, whether searching for door-to-door service, relocating to the opposite side of the nation, or crossing state boundaries. 

We recognize that your automobile is one of your most valuable belongings, and with the assistance of cutting-edge auto shipping technology and specialized customer care, you can anticipate your car to be transported to its destination like royalty! It is what distinguishes us as a top-rated automobile transportation business!

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Cross-Country Service | Carry Cars With CAre

If you follow our step-by-step advice, the best method to transport an automobile across the nation may be simple:

  • Determine where you wish to ship to/from
  • Choose your pickup and delivery dates
  • Look for a trusted auto transportation provider
  • Request a quote
  • Place your purchase now
  • Pick up your vehicle

Entrusting your car to one of the nation’s auto shipping firms might be difficult. Your automobile is probably the second most costly object you own, behind your house, and it also has emotional value.

So, when it comes to the cost of shipping a vehicle across the nation, there’s a lot to consider when sending your automobile across the country.

Long-distance vehicle transport has its logistical issues, but you shouldn’t worry about anything other than the expense of cross-country automobile transportation. 

Carry Cars With Care has a broad carrier network that covers the whole United States, and we take pleasure in offering several long-distance shipping alternatives, all of which are guaranteed to deliver your vehicle where it needs to go. Remember that the cost of transporting an automobile across the nation greatly depends on the distance traveled.

We understand how much you depend on your vehicle, so we provide specialized across-country auto transport services such as dedicated customer support, round-the-clock monitoring, frequent updates, and insurance coverage for your peace of mind.

Entrusting your car to one of the nation’s auto shipping firms might be difficult. Your automobile is probably the second most costly object you own, behind your house, and it also has emotional value. So there’s a lot to consider when transporting your automobile across the nation.


The best-case situation is to book as far in advance as possible. Suppose you want accelerated service, either a faster collection, delivery, or both. In that case, Carry Cars With Care can undoubtedly accommodate you for a little higher auto-shipping fee. 

We’ll make it simple for you by expediting pickup and delivery and providing you with information on your car throughout the clock. If necessary, we will let you amend your dates before your car is shipped.

Transport Mode

Most Carry Cars With Care clients choose open auto shipping since it is the most cost-effective way to send an automobile across the nation. The majority of cross-country shipping vehicle average cost estimations will be for this mode of travel. 

However, you need to transfer a luxury, vintage, or specialty vehicle. In that case, you should consider the increased cross-country car shipping cost of enclosed transport, which will protect your vehicle from weather and road debris across lengthy distances.


Moving a vehicle across the country might take up to two weeks. Prepare to be without your car for at least that amount of time. However, we are pleased to announce that most Carry Cars With Care customers get their vehicles in less time and at a lower cost than would be charged for shipping a car across the nation.


While we still need to provide online monitoring, it is on the way! We provide our clients with as much information as possible until we publish that transfer automobile across the nation tracking service. When you ship your vehicle with us, we monitor it 24 hours a day, seven days a week and send you regular status updates via email or phone.


Because we understand the intangible cost of moving a vehicle across the nation, Carry Cars With Care only works with verified auto carriers with expertise in shipping cars across the country. 

This is how we guarantee that your vehicle is transported by trustworthy industry members who will do all possible to ensure that your car arrives on time and in the condition you expect.


Let’s say we know how to move automobiles across the nation. Carry Cars With Care transports over 200 automobiles daily, yet we still make time to offer each of our clients the attention they need. 

When we ship a vehicle across the nation, we take extra care and attention to detail to ensure you receive the greatest service for the lowest cost of shipping a car across the country.

Carry Cars With Care offers a vast carrier network that spans the country from coast to coast and border to border. This implies that we can transport your automobile throughout the United States from almost any point of origin. The following are the steps involved in transferring an automobile across the country:

Step 1: Obtain a Car Shipping Estimate

An estimate for interstate vehicle shipment is the first step. While we don’t want to direct business to rivals, obtaining numerous vehicle shipping estimates helps you to identify organizations that can assist you in moving a car across the nation. 

Fill out our free auto shipping quotation form for a fast price – we can assist clients in transferring cars across the nation to or from any place in the United States.

Whether you ship with us or not, you must book your shipment with them after you’ve decided on a cross-country vehicle shipping company. Most businesses need you to contact a phone number and talk with a real agent who will get all the essential information from you. 

However, others will enable you to fill it all out on the internet. We at Carry Cars With Care can assist you online or over the phone either way.

Step 2: Get Your Vehicle Ready for Transport

You must follow our car shipping rules to guarantee that your vehicle is ready for shipment. For example, you must reveal the state of your car and whether it is operating, driving, or modified. Vehicles that have been damaged before shipment must be labeled properly. 

Vehicles that cannot roll, stop, turn, or start will almost certainly need a winch, which will be more expensive. Modified cars are in the same boat. 

If they are larger or heavier than standard equivalents, they will almost certainly cost more to transport. Our cross-country automobile shipping specialists will assist you with the requirements.

Step 3: Arrange For The Vehicle To Be Picked Up

Shipping an automobile across the nation might be frightening, but with the help of a certified cross-country auto shipping business, it should be a little less so. You should depend on your shipper as much as possible. They are your guide in automobile shipping and will assist you from beginning to end.

It’s time to start things going now that your order has been placed, the dates have been determined, and you’re ready to send it. Your employer’s auto shipping company will look for a truck, or carrier, in your region to physically carry your automobile across the nation. 

That’s what we and all other cross-country vehicle transporters do call us at our toll-free number at any time to talk with a representative and get your shipment underway.

They’ll provide you with a pickup window after they’ve found cross-country service for you. When the carrier arrives, you can provide more specific instructions about the precise pickup location if necessary. 

Once the carrier arrives, you and the driver will evaluate your vehicle before loading it into the auto transport cross-country trailer and shipping it across the nation.

You may be certain that you will have all the information you need to maintain track of your cargo. These will contain information about the carrier and the driver’s name and phone number. 

During transportation, the easiest method to maintain track of your car is to either talk directly to your driver or enable us to do so for you. Your cross-country vehicle transport representative can offer you extra information, discuss payment choices and answer any other questions.

Car shipment across the country might take up to two weeks, so plan on being without your car for at least that long.

Step 4: Pick Up Your Vehicle at the Location

Your car will now be delivered soon. Moving automobiles across the nation is both easy and quick, and the trucks necessary are enormous. 

As a result, they cannot ship to or from all addresses. In this case, your carrier will work with you to find other places, and you will meet them at a designated location to pick up your vehicle. 

These are often large parking lots in front of strip malls or big box businesses. Assume you won’t be able to make it to the drop-off site. In this case, a friend, family member, or another representative may accept the vehicle on your behalf.

When your vehicle shipping carrier arrives, you and the driver will do a second examination to identify any new defects. Even though your car will be moved across the nation, damage during transportation is quite unusual. 

You must also pay your driver at the time of delivery. The majority of payments are done in cash on delivery (COD). However, you may arrange alternate payment options with your drivers if required.

Consider the following when determining shipping charges:

Distance – The most important element in determining how much you will spend. Longer distances are often more expensive.

Vehicle specifications (model, make, height, length, and so on) – Larger cars cost more since they take up more space on the truck, resulting in fewer automobiles being loaded at once.

Vehicle condition – Cars that do not run, roll, or brake will cost more than ones that do.

Transport mode (e.g., door-to-door transportation, terminal shipping, and expedited vehicle shipping) – When moving automobiles across the nation, enclosed shipping and accelerated shipping services will be more expensive. Choose the best mode of transportation for your car.

Summer shipping – More expensive than winter shipping since demand is greater in the summer.

Pickup and drop-off points – Major urban regions are often simpler to ship to or from than rural places, resulting in lower shipping costs.

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